The Man Company Forays Into the Wellness Category

This newfound venture resonates perfectly with The Man Company's positioning of a modern and progressive institution.
The Man Company Forays Into the Wellness Category

Aspiring to build India's new-age supplement industry and taking a 360-degree grooming approach, The Man Company, India's leading homegrown men's grooming essential brand, has forayed into the wellness segment. 

A first in the men's wellness category, the brand has launched a groundbreaking sub-brand, MINS, under which they are bringing an ingenious product called MinStrips. This newfound venture resonates perfectly with The Man Company's positioning of a modern and progressive institution.
MINS, a set of rapidly dissolvable tongue strips, focuses on uplifting the fast-paced lifestyle of modern-day gentlemen from all walks of life. In the post-pandemic era, inside-out grooming has become the primary concern of most people. Considering this, The Man Company has identified five major lifestyle hurdles of Gen Z and millennial gentlemen: sexual wellness, performance, hair and skin, sleep routine, and anxiety and stress, and MINS addresses all these issues effectively. The best part is MinStrips are certified by leading labs like GMP Laboratories, HACCP, ISO Certification, and FDA. 
MINS can effortlessly become a part of men's daily schedule, no matter how hectic and busy. It ensures a better lifestyle regime that fulfills both inside and outside requirements with 'On the Go' convenience. Unlike most Vitamins that come in tablets or capsules needing water to gulp it down, MINS are exceptionally convenient. Whether in the office or metro, consumers can simply put these MinStrips on their tongue and get their daily Vitamin boost. 

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MinStrips contain ingredients like Ashwagandha, beneficial for mental and sexual well-being, Holy Basil which helps reduce anxiety and stress, Passion Flower to promote calming effects, Lemon Balm (melatonin) to take the edge off irregular sleep cycle, and Zembrin to elevate mood and enhance focus abilities. The strips are lab-tested and are 100 percent natural, vegan sugar and chemical-free with zero side effects and non-addictive aftermath. In fact, as compared to gummies, capsules, and tablets, MINS have 80 percent more active ingredients. It also has high absorption rate, is more accurate and gives a quick action attribute– giving it an edge above contemporaries.  
Hitesh Dhingra, Founder, The Man Company, said, "Since inception, we have been on the quest to remain vocal about issues faced by men. The Man Company was founded to address the inside-out wellness needs of modern-day gentlemen. And while we are already offering numerous essential products that focus on men's external grooming factors with some portions of internal wellness, our latest invention MINS, solely works on boosting the Vitamin factor.”

“The MINS are specifically designed for liberal and upbeat men focusing on self-love and leading an elevated lifestyle. It is formulated in a dissolvable manner that is cool and hip for modern-day consumers. We are thrilled to be the first to foray into the unexplored men's wellness category with this innovative format and aspire to eradicate the stigma surrounding men's grooming and personal care and enable a better lifestyle, " he added.
It is pertinent to note that owing to fast-evolving consumer needs and purchasing habits, the global wellness market is witnessing an annual growth rate of 5 percent to 10 percent. And the Indian wellness market is witnessing a compound annual growth rate of 21 percent. In this context, The Man Company strives to introduce specialised products that can enhance the wellness and lifestyle of modern-age men and ensure grooming inside-out. 

By foraying into the niche wellness category, The Man Company is further fortifying its goal to build a one-stop centre for all men's inside out grooming needs. The Man Company is eying a revenue of Rs 100 crore from the new category in two years.

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