House Of Vian Opens Store at The Dhan Mill, New Delhi

A bespoke footwear and accessories label, the brand's collection is complete with traditional footwear and statement bags. Each product features intricate embroidery, fine textures, and vivacious colors.
House Of Vian Opens Store at The Dhan Mill, New Delhi

House Of Vian is a brand that celebrates the breathtaking beauty and finesse that lies in Indian craftsmanship. 

A bespoke footwear and accessories label, the brand’s collection is complete with traditional footwear and statement bags. Each product features intricate embroidery, fine textures, and vivacious colors. These products are ideal to style your every day or ethnic looks and are a must-have in every wedding trousseau.

The brand was founded by Drishti Mahajan in 2015. She has completed her fashion design in New Delhi and holds a Masters in Fashion Business From Los Angeles, California. After she returned to India post her masters, she created an Instagram page to showcase the products she was designing passionately and with all her love. Whilst doing so, she was always working at Genesis Luxury as a Senior Merchandiser in the Buying, and Planning Team. 

Drishti decided to take a leap of faith after years of substantial growth in the online space and opened her first flagship store at a prime spot perfect for the brand’s synergy at The Dhan Mill. The Dhan Mill is a resplendent space brimming with fashion, food, lifestyle, and luxurious happenings.

Drishti while speaking about the launch of her store said “ I was very young when I decided not to design for someone else, if I design- it's going to be for my brand and under my name”.

A thousand words or even pictures are unable to do justice to the products by the brand. All the intricate details, bold and vibrant colors combined with the touch and feel of the fabrics can only be experienced in person. These gorgeous products are created by artisans that use their age-old craftsmanship skills of hand embroidery and jutti making all the products are 100 percent handmade. The bags and wedges are completely vegan, and the brand makes a conscious effort to use handicraft fabrics such as indigo dyed, khadi, organic jute, ikat, and leheriya fabrics among others.

House of vian

A design house, the brand works with a talented team of designers who constantly ideate and create shoes and bags that showcase their inspiration or better- tell a story. The idea that started this brand was to match one’s footwear with bags to complete a customer's look perfectly, and today this idea and the brand are almost synonymous with one another. Going that extra mile, and differing from others, the brand offers personalization and customization like never before. All clients are allowed to converse with the design team in person and create products to match their outfits, especially for brides-to-be who want to match their footwear to their outfits. From matching embroideries of their lehenga onto the footwear, or changing colors to hand embroidering initials of the brides and bridesmaids on the shoes or bags, the brand does it all.

Now to divulge a little more about the making of the products, the process starts by ideating and conceptualizing the inspiration for the season. Having mood boards, concept boards, and color boards in place, the next step is sourcing fabrics and different embellishments. Once these are in place Drishti and the design team sketch out patterns to create the final look of the artwork. After selecting and liking samples, embroideries are completed and sent for jutti making where artisans cut out embroideries on the fabric and paste a layer of leather underneath to provide a base cushion for the footwear. The genuine leather soles are cut into the shape of jutti soles and then these are stitched together by hand by artisans together to complete the shoe. 

Drishti’s vision for the House of Vian is to garner global recognition for Indian handicrafts. The country is full of rich resources and talent and the skills found are nowhere else. The brand is aiming to become India’s biggest footwear and bag store envisioning every bride in the world wanting to customize her footwear for her wedding, only from House of Vian.

Over the past few years, House Of Vian products have been spotted regularly on a host of A-list celebrities such as Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, and Sara Ali Khan who are also fashion icons in their own right. The brand has successfully amassed a huge international presence and has an enormous customer base in the United States Of America within the Indian-American community.  

The footwear from the brand range from Rs 1,990-5,600 while the bags range from Rs 3,500-10,000 depending on embroideries and the time taken by artisans to create these exquisite accessories. The brand ships globally and provides shipping free of cost for all orders over Rs 15,000 worldwide. The products from the brand are available on its retail website, at the newly launched Dhan Mill retail store, and on multi-designer platforms like Aza, Ogaan, Aashni, and Co, Pernia’s Pop-Up-Shop, and Carma to name a few. The brand also has a collaborative collection with Ridhi Mehra available at the DLF Emporio Mall, New Delhi at the RidhiMehra store.

Indulge in jaw-dropping and statement pieces from the House Of Vian’s newly launched store at The Dhan Mill and amp up your wardrobe in style!

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