Hospitality, Beauty and Wellness Sectors Back In Full Swing

These industries witnessed a sharp recovery this year in comparison to the same time last year
Hospitality, Beauty and Wellness Sectors Back In Full Swing 

After two years of the pandemic, the last quarter proved to be exciting for job seekers as the markets finally opened up. Indians gave more than Rs 3 crore interviews in the last three months, a 13.71 percent jump in comparison to the previous quarter (October-December 21). 

IT and Logistic sectors witnessed the highest hiring momentum for the rising workforce. Real estate, hospitality, beauty, and wellness industries witnessed a sharp recovery this year in comparison to the same time last year, according to a report by, India’s largest jobs, and professional networking platform witnessed promising trends in the Indian job market post-pandemic. 

Manas Singh, Chief Business Officer,, said, ‘The Indian economy is on an optimistic growth trajectory this last quarter and we are certain that this year, India will finally bounce back completely from the impact of the pandemic. apna will continue being the supporting partner in getting India back to Work this year as well.” 

The country has noted a sudden boom of jobs in the last quarter, a 42 percent QoQ growth has been recorded in its employer base, the report further stated. Due to the second wave of covid last year, sectors such as healthcare, delivery, and e-commerce were booming while other sectors had a fairly low employment rate. Fast forward to Q1 of 2022, sectors like hospitality, beauty and wellness, manufacturing, real estate, and aviation logistics are back in action and have seen a gradual increase in job openings as the markets have started recovering. In fact, recorded an 80 and 30 percent increase in job openings in the beauty and wellness and hospitality sectors respectively. 

In the last three months, with a massive 141 percent growth in new users, registered 48 lakh, new professionals, on its platform who have been interviewing for various roles across industries. 46 percent of these new users preferred the vernacular interface over English to find job opportunities and build their professional networks. In fact, according to the data shared by 45 percent of its user base was seen interacting in communities and building their network. 

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