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Let This AI Exercise Bike Make Your Cheeks Dummy Thicc (For $250 Off)

The Carol bike's AI feature keeps your workout rides short and powerful, for buns of sweaty steel—and it's $250 off now.
The Carol Exercise Bike Is Now $250 Off
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We may not be Cody Rigsby, but we still appreciate a good cycling workout to cancel out our excessive consumption of hibachi and negronis. That said, the ever-popular Peloton is a whole other level of intensity, and we’re not quite sure we meet their book of standards (we’re trying to break a sweat and burn some cals—not get in touch with our feelings and listen to our tattooed instructor cry and spew motivational quotes). 


For those of us who ride to the beat of their own drum (aka: listening to the grittiest metal band from Amsterdam) while in the comfort of our living room decked out in our own mood lighting, there’s the CAROL Bike, the even more high-tech and bougie alternative to Peloton that uses AI to improve your workout. And, it’s now $250 off for the holidays when you use the code FESTIVE.

$2595$2345 at Carol Bike

$2595$2345 at Carol Bike

Let’s get this out of the way first and foremost: The price for one of these jaw-dropping riding machines is $2,595, meaning it’s nearly double the price of a Peloton. That said, the bike’s big robot brain (aka: artificial intelligence) makes the cost justifiable, given that you can personalize your bike to your exact specs for optimal resistance training. As the saying goes, “you’ve gotta work smarter, not harder.” It only makes sense that would apply to…well, workout equipment right?

Your fitness-starved brain is probably thinking, “what the hell does that mean?” Effectively, the CAROL bike includes an auto-adjusting feature to keep your ride tough for a range of short workouts; using AI, the CAROL bike is able to actively personalize the right resistance and instantly alter it on the fly, resulting in a prime sweat sesh. We don’t know about you, but this is especially solid if you’re someone (see: us) who might be tempted to reach for the resistance dial before your heart rate really gets pumping. In that vein, the CAROL bike’s signature feature is its Reduced Exertion HIIT (REHIT), which the brand claims offers double the health benefits of traditional home cycling machines. According to the brand, an entire workout on the bike can be completed in just five minutes and offer similar health benefits to that of a 45-minute run. 


Users have given the bike a 4.7-out-of-five star rating for having their glutes reach dumptruck status after continued rides. “I've been using a CAROL bike for over a year now, and as a busy entrepreneur, dad, holistic health coach, and podcast host, I don't have any time to devote to cardio,” one fit-zaddy reviewer said on the company’s website

Besides outshining your run-of-the-treadmill SoulCycle spin bike, other key CAROL bike features include handlebars with five grip positions, an 11” touchscreen, and Bluetooth connectivity— including the ability to pair with your Apple watch. If you’re committed to keeping an eye on your heart rate (to optimize that REHIT workout, duh) a wearable heart rate monitor to track performance (sold separately) is the perfect accent to your new CAROL bike. To get the full studio experience without ever engaging with another person IRL, a $15 membership provides fancy AI-optimization that calculates your optimal resistance, 18 workouts and fitness tests, and a personalized dashboard with performance metrics for easy tracking. 

So have a holly jolly Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever your heart desires to observe with this CAROL Bike deal that’s $250 off when you use the code FESTIVE at checkout. Look at it like this: Anything that gives us the green light to consume a hefty amount of gingerbread, wine, and “christmas cheer” with minimal shame is definitely worth a second look in our book.

The CAROL bike is available at CAROL.

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