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Cash App Now Makes Gift Cards, If You’re Desperate for a Last-Minute Gift

Yes, you can just give people… money. And they’ll love it!
Cash App Now Makes Gift Cards
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Did you miss out on all the banger gift deals Black Friday served us? Still haven’t done your holiday shopping? Bro, it’s December 20?!?! While disappointed, we forgive you for your sins. There’s no shame in snagging a last-minute holiday present. Maybe you were too busy trying to cure your quarter-life crisis with that month-long basket weaving course, or trying to actually read a book for once. Whichever obstacle blocked your retail therapy, we found the cure. Sending flowers as a last-minute gesture is for boomers, so be a sly (but thoroughly modern) dog by sending a virtual gift card through Cash App


The mobile payment service we use to send our friends beer money after a night out just launched a gift card feature, which means no longer needing to do the walk of shame to the CVS checkout on Christmas Eve for a last-minute box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates (although those definitely slap). Send a Cash App gift card to your pops, sneaky situationship, yoga instructor, second cousin twice removed, to whoever your heart desires with just a simple click of a button. For those familiar with online payment systems already, sending a gift card is as breezy as possible; it’s done the same exact way you would send, spend, or invest money on the app

The digital gift cards tie into the giftee’s Cash App balance, so you just gotta make sure they have the app and a Cash App card (though those without a Cash App card are able to convert their gift card to cash in the app). While the user will need to be a Cash App user, the benefit is that there’s no need to worry about physical gift cards anymore; instead of a stack of unused plastic tucked away in your recipient's sock drawer, waiting to be lost forever or stolen a disgruntled roommate, they’ll actually be able to use your gift while they shop as normal. A truckload of our favorite retailers, streaming services, and restaurants are featured, including Grubhub, Spotify, Netflix, Nike, Hulu, Lululemon, Adidas, Crocs, and Chipotle for endless burritos for our soul. If your gift recipient doesn’t have a Cash App card, no sweat; they can just convert the gift card to cash in the app. Now that’s what we call magic.  

The clock is ticking for a last-minute gift, so make sure to sign up for the app to prep your seemingly thoughtful present and avoid dirty looks during holiday dinner. 

You can sign up for Cash App (and grab Cash App gift cards) here

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