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Stuffed Your Face? These After-Dinner Mints Claim to Save You From the Itis

Feeling like Jabba the Hutt after your second plate of cornbread stuffing? Pop one of these digestion mints that claim to pulverize your belly mash.
Jetson After Ate digestion aid
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There’s nothing more luxurious than sitting down for a meal and absolutely going HAM (pun not intended); we’re talking pre-dinner drinks, three-plus courses, dessert—the whole nine yards. What’s not luxurious is the bloated indigestion that comes after a big meal (don’t get old kids). After you hit a certain age (cough, your thirties and beyond), enjoying a great meal often means linking up with something small, brightly colored and chalky.


To be clear, there’s nothing wrong with the usual post-feast cocktail of Pepto, Gas-X and/or Tums, but doesn’t busting out a roll of Rolaids kind of make you feel… old? Wouldn’t it be nicer to just pop a mint as though you were hittin’ a box of Altoids after dessert?  That was the concept Jetson had when it launched its After Ate mints, which are modernizing the solutions for being bloated AF. If we’re going to innovate with electric cars, selfie cameras, and high-tech sex toys, shouldn’t indigestion medication follow suit?

$10 at Jetson

$10 at Jetson

The appeal of After Ate mints is simple; instead of having to excuse yourself from Friendsgiving to chug pink syrup or gnaw on chalky pills, you instead just quickly chew one of these enzyme-packed mints and hopefully save yourself from moaning, burping, and retiring early to whine on the sofa about how full you are. According to Jeston, After Ate works by using broad-spectrum enzymes. These enzymes supplement those already in your stomach, breaking down food more efficiently; the effect carries over into the small intestine, where those macronutrients (see: carbs, proteins and fats) are absorbed more easily (since, you know, they’re smaller). The overall effect of After Ate really hits when your food lands in the large intestine, where there’s less undigested material to ferment—and, by extension, cause gas and bloating—in that organ’s bacterial environment. This approach is different from something like classic Pepto-Bismol or Tums, which use bismuth subsalicylate or calcium carbonate (respectively) to effectively coat the stomach and the lower esophagus. 


Jetson was born out of founder Stefan Weitz’s own health struggles following a multiple sclerosis diagnosis; as Weitz was managing the side effects of his disease—including chronic pain—he realized that addressing inflammation in his gut led to a broader breakthrough in dealing with pain, leaving him less reliant on painkillers and feeling better overall. That personal discovery has shaped Jetson to help others address their own health challenges by starting with gut health. You know what they say: “The best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach” after all—and probiotics and enzymes can help.

In Jetson’s pursuit to “go way beyond poop” (as, frankly, one should), the brand has crafted a variety of different enzymatic and probiotic supplements to help not just provide relief from bloating or gas, but also attempt to improve overall digestion. Jetson’s After Ate is designed to step up where Pepto Bismol and Tums can’t—supporting digestion, boosting nutrient absorption, and preventing bloat before it begins (on top of, you know, tackling indigestion pain). TL;DR: After Ate was designed to help people through the entire digestive process—not just the end of it. And for those of us who live to eat, the idea of a mint preventing us from falling victim to the itis is intriguing indeed. 


In this day and age, a product is only really as good as its reviews, and thankfully, After Ate hits high marks among (over 700!) users. With Jetson’s 30-day “No Worry Guarantee”, if After Ate doesn’t perform this holiday season, you can score a full refund, no questions asked. Talk about skipping some unnecessary heartburn. 

With a slew of food-focused holidays on the horizon, it’s easy to pledge to slow down and eat less—but hard to follow through with moderation in practice. Instead of feeling trapped on the couch thanks to that extra helping of turkey or dwelling in digestive regret after eating dessert, Jetson’s After Ate just might be worth swapping in for your Altoids. 

After Ate is available at Jetson.

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