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This All-Gender Shaver Makes Trimming Your Junk as Easy as Buzzing Your Head

Meridian’s “radically inclusive” approach to self-care essentials means everyone deserves a comfortable experience trimming their pubes.
Review: Meridian’s Electric Body Hair Trimmer Is for Every Body and Everybody
Photo courtesy of Meridian

If you’re an adult and you haven’t spent the better part of your 20s getting your nethers zapped in laser hair removal sessions, you’ve got pubes. So do we! Pubes are just a part of life, man—and we all have individual approaches to how we want ours to look and feel. Full bush? Hell yeah, go for it. Landing strip? A modern classic! Not a hair in sight? You and Kate Winslet have that in common. Maybe you just shave your pubes for sex and vacations, or maybe you are constantly experimenting with new lewks down there. It’s all good! 


The reality is that whether you’re a cis bro, a lipstick lesbian, a trans guy, or a queer nonbinary person, pubes require upkeep. There’s no shortage of products on the market for managing your bush, from “Fur Oil” to home waxing kits. But Meridian stands out from the bunch.

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Meridian started out as a brand focused on helping dudes keep things under control with its signature, super-safe electric trimmer, which made buzzing your junk as easy as trimming the sides of your head. But the trimmer works so well that customers soon found it’s just as handy regardless of your gender or body type—which is why Meridian’s new era is all about demonstrating that good pube care is for everybody and every body, “regardless of gender, race, orientation, grooming preferences, favorite sports team… you get the point,” according to the brand.

Frankly, we agree—no one should be bossing you around when it comes to your signature ‘do on your head, downstairs, or in your ‘pits. Buzzcut, bushy, or tenderly shaped into a bold upside-down cross, your bush look is your own. 

$94$76.50 at Meridian

$94$76.50 at Meridian

Meridian sent me its sig trimmer (in a chic “Sage” shade, no less), and right off the bat, I understand why it’s become a cult fave. In addition to its sleek design and comfortable feel in your hand, it also has multiple trimmer lengths (Bare, Buzz, and Bush, LOL) and an anti-nick blade, and is the perfect width for navigating bush turf. Also, it’s waterproof, if like me, you insist on taking long, luxurious baths as frequently as possible. My skin is super sensi and I always thought electric trimmers would ravage it, but I’m now convinced that I don’t need to drag an unsheathed razor dangerously close to my hooha every few days. Buzz, buzz! The shave is super close. 

Meridian shaver

The Trimmer, unboxed. Photo by the author

Better yet, it’s virtually impossible to hurt yourself with this thing, but it shaves so effectively that you immediately get that ~*~soft skin~*~ feel. I tried it on my ankles as well and found that it was also great for cleaning up those hard-to-reach areas that my Venus positively loves to shred. I also appreciate that unlike a lot of women’s razors, it’s not a pink, floofy-looking thing that’s overly gendered. Were I to have a cis male partner with whom I was comfortable enough to share a pube trimmer, this one would certainly be our top pick.

Meridian shaver

The Trimmer, in hand. Photo by the author

Everyone deserves the bush of their dreams, whether it’s in full, 70s-style bloom or merely a single curl. You do you—and do it without razor burn. Curious about the trimmer? Because we’re fans, the brand generously gave us a ~*~custom discount code~*~ enter 20VICE for 20% off all one-time purchases until Jan 31, and get buzzin’.

Check out the cult-fave Trimmer and other top-notch pube-care products over at Meridian.

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