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That Mode Toothbrush That Makes Us Oddly Horny? It's On Sale, Baby!

What vibrates 38,000 times per minute, looks like Adam Driver, AND cleans our teeth? The Mode wireless toothbrush.
Mode Wireless Electric Toothbrush is Currently 10% off
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Anyone else hate brushing their teeth? For me it’s a daily ritual that I force myself into twice a day everyday (this is probably some ADHD-related thing that TikTok will diagnose for me later this week). Who even stands in front of the mirror brushing for an entire two minutes manually anyways? What even is time?!? 

The solution to all the mundane eccentricities of daily dental hygiene might just be investing in an electric toothbrush,. Earlier this year, we got clued in to Mode, the first cordless electric toothbrush and also the hottest toothbrush we’ve ever seen. Seriously, this toothbrush fucks—homeboy’s gonna, like, get it. Not only does this handsome vibrating wonder do all the work for you (like a real man) but Mode also doesn’t want to intrude on your personal space. This guy is completely wireless (no strings attached), glows all night long (with a built-in nightlight) and vibrates 38,000 times per minute (daddy, chill). Plus he’s got those softtaperedbristles for a gentle clean that will totally rock your world. Talk about a total package. 


So alright, this thing is Will Sharpe-levels of good-looking, but can a Mode toothbrush really take your mouth from extra dirty to pearly white? Well on top of going viral on TikTok, the reviews are in—and they’re satisfied. “It's sleek, quiet, doesn't irritate my gums,” writes one reviewer, “and the brush heads still do the job and last three months!” Even if you have an issue or if your Mode toothbrush has any glitches, the company’s customer service is top priority. So basically, this toothbrush comes hot and ready out of the box—but the real reason we’re reexamining all its sensual features is because it’s currently 10% off from now until January 3 with promo code HOLIDAY. Now that’s what we call the cherry on top of a Home Alone 10-scoop sundae

Happy brushing, horndogs.

Mode’s cordless electric toothbrush is available for purchase at Mode—and don’t forget to use the code HOLIDAY for 10% off.

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