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Womanizer Just Dropped the First Dildo With INTERNAL Suction

The new "OG" vibe is the first wand of its kind to titilate your clit and G-spot with internal suction (so we lubed our tube and gave it a test run).
OG Womanizer suction vibrator dildo review
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A hot person once told me that “anything that is only designed for one thing probably isn’t your friend,” and I think about that a lot. I’m sure there are some legit exceptions to this rule [shoehorns have entered the chat], but, overall, it’s a smart mantra. Quality is important, and versatility is a big part of that. Especially with what I’m sticking up my vagina. So when Womanizer announced that it would be dropping its first ever non-rabbit vibrator that provided clitoral and internal/G-spot stimulation with a single toy, my jaw went Looney Tunes. Womanizer knows what’s up. The sexual wellness brand is the brains behind one of the internet’s favorite desert island clitoral sex toys, the Premium 2, so I was optimistic. Still, how could such a thing be possible?? And would it actually make a difference come climax time? 

$199 at Lovehoney
$199 at Womanizer
$199 at Lovehoney
$199 at Womanizer

If you’re new-ish to sex toys: Rabbit vibrators are simply dildos that 1) provide G-spot stimulation through vaginal penetration, and 2) have a little attachment (that often looks like bunny ears) that stimulates your clitoris. They rock, because they can help usher in a blended orgasm, which is what happens when the deeper, more resounding climactic experience of a G-spot ‘gasm joins forces with the more fleeting, back-tingling feeling I get from a clitoral orgasm; together, they are two big Roman emperor thumbs way up; they are caviar and crème fraîche, caramel and stroopwaffels

Rabbit vibrators understand this. But there are times when I’m using a rabbit vibe, and grow tired of the clitoral stimulation; there are moments when I wish I could tuck in the bunny ears like the door handle of a Telsa (sorry; -10 points for a Musk ref) and go into pure dildo mode. 

Womanizer’s new sex toy—boldly named the “OG”—seemed to understand those woes like no other sex toy has before (of course it’s already sold out on Amazon), so I gave it test run to see if it could change the way I spank the bank for the better. 

What was rad 

I’m a big fan of the eggplant colorway of this wand; it feels regal, ungendered, and resembles the horniest of vegetables. The silicone is soft yet firm, and use is intuitive; you can mix-and-match the OG’s 12 different intensities and three speeds with the up/down buttons, and because the suction component is placed directly on the tip of the wand (clever girl), you feel like you’re getting really good head and missionary sex when you slide it in and out. 

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I wondered if the suction tip would feel weird internally (don’t worry; it won’t rimowa fish itself to your vaginal walls), but it was barely noticeable. Instead, it provides a teasing, purring internal vibration that doesn’t pull the spotlight from your G-spot, but gives you a slightly heightened sense of stimulation. The gold flakes on the ice cream, if you will.  

For so many years, I felt like the one-woman-jug-band when I tried to masturbate with my dildos and clitoral suction vibrators at the same time (I failed my PE class’s ultimate frisbee unit; I have no coordination). But when the OG brought me to the climactic finish line, I realized I finally had a toy that could cater to how little/much stimulation I wanted, wherever I wanted it. At the risk of sounding like a douche, it’s like a bespoke experience. 

What was tricky

The OG’s four-inch circumference is pretty standard for dildos, and part of what makes it both a great entry-level and advanced sex toy-fan vibrator. That being said, daddy prefers a plumper pickle. I wish there was, like, one more inch of girth on this hot rod.  

Womanizer knows what’s up. The sexual wellness brand is the brains behind one of the internet’s favorite desert island clitoral sex toys, the Premium 2, so I was optimistic when it announced it would be streamlining a new combination G-spot and clitoral suction vibe toy. 



The Womanizer OG vibrator is a breath of fresh air, because it combines two of my essential vaginal toys (clitoral suction; wand) and lets me seamlessly move in-between G-spot and clitoral play without having to juggle a suction vibe in one hand and a wand in the other. As someone trying to consolidate her sex toys, this is a godsend; as someone who wants the ability to explore orgasms of all kinds with a single, slick aubergine-colored toy, it makes me feel like I’m starring in an (even hornier!!) version of The Matrix. 

Womanizer OG, you’re a hard smash for me. 

The Womanizer OG can be purchased at Lovehoney

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